Stump & Socket Hygiene

Stump Care – Hygiene Routine

Prevention is always better than cure. A healthy stump allows the amputee to be active without discomfort or pain.

Stump hygiene

– Wash the stump daily

– Use warm water (not hot water) with a mild soap/cleanser

– To avoid irritation, rinse the stump thoroughly

– Dry the stump properly by patting dry (not rubbing) with a soft clean towel


If using stump socks, they must be changed daily. During hot or humid weather, socks can be changed during the day if necessary. The socks should be washed with mild soap in warm water and rinsed thoroughly.

– Do not shave the stump

– Avoid using sticky plaster on the stump

– Check the stump regularly and discuss any changes in it’s condition with your prosthetist without delay


Socket hygiene

– Wash daily with warm water and mild soap (do not use detergents)

– Use a clean damp cloth to wipe the inside of the socket to remove soapy film

– Dry thoroughly (a hairdryer may be used)



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