The Facility

Ongoing support is available to clients through our Amputee Clinic. Here a team of clinicians – including a physiatrist, prosthetist, physical therapist and biokineticist – evaluate and monitor patients’ progress.


The facility is located at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital, a short 10 minute drive from Cape Town city centre and includes;

  • A full service gym
  • Digital gait analysis runway
  • Rehabilitation pool
  • Specialist in-ward rehabilitation facility


All levels of amputation and activity are catered for as well as old and new amputees of all ages. The components used in the prostheses are carefully chosen in accordance with the assessment of the amputee and what their specific realistic requirements are. The latest technology is used where possible, but also manufacture conventional prostheses.

None of our prosthetic work is outsourced as we manufacture all the prostheses in our lab, thus we are able to meet certain individualised requests from our clients, for example, custom designed sockets and sport prostheses.






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