Application Technique: Below the knee amputation

1.        Begin by holding the bandage just above the knee on the inside of the thigh. Whilst keeping the bandage at two thirds of its stretch, unroll it diagonally down the lateral/outer side of the stump.

2.        Proceed by bringing the bandage over the inner end of the stump and then diagonally up the outer side.

3.        Continue to bring the bandage under the back of the knee, then over the top of the kneecap and back down under the back of the knee.

4.        Now bring the bandage diagonally down around the back of the stump and over the end of the stump. Bring the bandage up the back of the stump to the inside of the thigh where we started.

5.        Continue in this figure of 8 pattern until the stump is covered. Secure the end of the bandage in place. Remember that the most compression must be on the end of the stump to achieve a conical shape


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