Application Technique: Above the knee amputation


1.        Start by holding the end of the bandage on the upper part of the thigh and roll it    around the stump towards the back.

2.        Bring the bandage from the back, through the legs and to the front of the thigh.

3.        Proceed across the lower back and around the stomach area.

4.        Continue with steps 1 to 3 until the bandage is secure.

5.        Take the 2nd bandage and begin wrapping the stump diagonally from the upper lateral/outer side down toward the lower medial/inner side.

6.        Roll the bandage around the back of the stump and then diagonally upwards.

7.        Continue by bringing the bandage behind the upper part of the stump to the front.

8.        Proceed to wrap in a figure of 8 pattern by overlapping until the stump is covered. Secure the bandage in place.


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