About Us

The site is dedicated to educating all amputees, their families and friends. Our primary objective is to help in the prosthetic rehabilitation. In a confidential manner we exchange useful information among amputees and professionals with special skills – all designed with the common goal of improving the amputee’s quality of life.


Professional advice, assessment and assistance for all levels of amputees

Coming to terms with an amputation is one of the most challenging situations which one
might have to face. The Cape Amputee Clinic hosts a multi-disciplinary team whose primary goal is to re-establish a meaningful life for each amputee.


  • Support, advice and rehabilitation of recent and long-standing amputees
  • Pre and post-operative surgical evaluation, prosthetic assistance and psychological counselling

Our ultimate aim is to re-integrate each amputee into their own environment – family,
friends, work place, social circle and recreational activities – on their own terms


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