Advanced Prosthetic Training

Once the amputee is functioning well with their prosthesis in daily activities, they may want to return to active sport. There are certain challenges associated with this and specific skills need to be learnt.



More physically active professions (farmers, professional athletes, etc.) require specific tasks to be achieved and this is done in advanced training where an additional programme needs to be established.



This skill will be taught with respect to the specific sport the amputee is interested in as there are many varieties of jump requiring different execution.



A special swimming prosthesis can be manufactured for this activity. In our practice, we have a hydro pool in which the prosthesis can be tested and adjusted.



This is quite challenging for an amputee and requires much practice. More information on this will be added to the site at a later stage.



This skill is begun in the gym on a stationary exercise bike. Discuss with the prosthetist any modifications that may be necessary  on the prosthesis or bicycle.





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