The Team

Our interdisciplinary amputee rehabilitation team draws on the expertise and experience of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists to ensure the delivery of quality care. Together we are focused on designing an individualised programme, which will meet the specific requirements and abilities of each amputee. We offer the professional help, experience and expertise of a • Biokineticist • Occupational Therapist • Orthopaedic Surgeon • Physiotherapist • Prosthetist • Psychologist • Associated Professionals (Plastic surgeon, Cardiologist, Wound Care Nursing etc) Our Team meets daily to assess our amputees i n a clinical environment. Amputees and their families are invited to attend these meetings to discuss all aspects of their progress and rehabilitation. As a new amputee you may like to join one of our  groups – for yourself, your partner, parents or other family members.


Jayson Chin, Facilitator

IMG_0654 Jayson qualified as an Orthotist Prosthetist over 19 years ago and runs 3 thriving Orthotics practices as well as co-running both a Prosthetics practice and the non-profit Amputee Clinic.

Jayson graduated with distinction in Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics from Pretoria Technikon, 1995 and has worked both in South Africa and the UK.

He is the co-founding member of Cape Amputee Clinic, providing integrated amputee rehabilitation.

Special interests include accommodative and functional foot orthotics,  amputee rehabilitation and prosthetic fitting, specialized orthotic bracing systems and orthopaedic foot wear.



Dave Herman, Prosthetist

IMG_0651Dave is one of the most experienced prosthetists in South Africa and has over 40 years experience.

He has also worked as a technical advisor in South Africa and the Middle East. 

He is the designer behind the PolyPad  (cervical collar) and is only the fourth person in South Africa to receive the prestigious Jack Ball Award for lifetime services to Prosthetics and Orthotics as voted by his peers.

It is a great honour for us to have such an experienced practioner in our team.





Theo Kriel, Prosthetist

IMG_0662Theo graduated with a Bachelors in Prosthetics & Orthotics with cum laude in 2006.

He worked mostly overseas to gain experience and learn from some of the best orthotists and prosthetists in the world.

He has worked in Malaysia where he was the Prosthetic & Orthotic Manager at Kuala Lumpur University Hospital. He also worked in Saudi Arabia where he worked under two German Meisters. He has recently returned from Manchester where he was the Clinical Lead in the second biggest Prosthetic & Orthotic Center in the United Kingdom.

Theo is a trans tibial amputee himself and thus has a key understanding and a special interest in prosthetics since the early age of 6 years. 




Dr Christina Maraspini, Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chris qualified as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in 1984, and worked at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town until 2004. Her scope of practice was trauma orthopaedics, and during this period she was involved in and eventually took over the running of the Amputation clinic at Groote Schuur. The management of amputees and particularly their re-integration into society and an active and functional lifestyle have become one of Chris’ main interests, and she has been invited to lecture on this subject at a number of conferences both in South Africa and in Europe over a period of years. In 2004 Chris took early retirement from Groote Schuur hospital and joined the Orthopaedic fraternity at the Vincent Pallotti hospital in Pinelands. She worked with Dr Brian Bernstein in the Orthopaedic Trauma group until 2010. During this time Jayson Chin raised the possibility of establishing an Amputee clinic at Vincent Pallotti, and after much planning and discussion this finally became a reality in 2007. Although Chris has now retired from active practice and is no longer doing any surgery, she has retained her association with the Amputee Clinic in an advisory capacity.

Karin Weskamp, Occupational Therapist

Karin qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1984 from the University of Stellenbosch.  Her career started at the Frere Hospital in East London where she headed the department and worked as a general practitioner.  In 1989 she returned to Cape Town and worked at Groote Schuur Hospital and at the University of Cape Town.  Whilst at Groote Schuur she worked in the fields of neurology and rheumatology. She entered private practice in 1994.  She was one of the founding members of the Cape Hand Clinic and has been a member of the amputation clinic since its inception.

Marq Labuschagne, Physio

Marq graduated from UCT in 1993. Since then, Marq has gained experience and has worked at Provincial hospital level locally and abroad in the USA. He also co-managed a physiotherapy practice at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Marq co-started Physiopaedic at the Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital in  2002. The Amputee Rehab Clinic is amongst Marq’s varied interests and he and his team are dedicated to producing positive outcomes for patients.




Ronel De Villiers, Psychologist

amp-rdv[2] copyIn 1988 Ronèl obtained her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Port Elizabeth. She has been in private practice since 1990.

Her keen interest in health psychology has been longstanding:

In 1985 she researched the reintegration of body image in teenage paraplegic patients at Pretoria Academic Hospital; worked with cardiac and renal patients (1986-1987) at Port Elizabeth Provincial Hospital and since 1995 with cancer patients and amputees. Ronèl often lectures in psychosocial oncology, psychosocial orthopaedics and amputation.

Since October 2009 she has been consultant psychologist to the Cape Amputee Clinic. Her role is to assist patients and their families with psychological and emotional preparation before amputation. Post-amputation follow-up continues in the hospital ward and later, post-discharge. Depending on the individual needs of a patient, aspects such as trauma debriefing, body image reintegration, interpersonal relationships, reclaiming quality of life, dealing with phantom limb sensation and phantom limb pain, release of body and/or cellular memory of trauma are dealt with.

A key message remains: You are still you; the amputation has been a life-changing event, but it does not need to imprison, pigeon-hole or define you …


Erin Rae, Biokinetics

photo[1] copyErin qualified as a Biokineticist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa in 2004 after graduating with a B.Sc.(Med)(Hons) Exercise Science (Biokinetics) from the University of Cape Town.

Erin was born and bred in Houston, Texas  and she completed her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, USA. Erin has worked as a Biokineticist for the last 8 years in Cape Town, at well-known practices such as Lander & Pursad Biokineticists and currently at Kim Murphy Biokinetcists. She is also certified in Pilates and is the current chairperson of the Biokinetics Association of South Africa for the Western Cape region. 

She joined the team of health professionals at the Cape Amputee Clinic in 2010. Her role in the clinic is to assess the musculoskeletal capabilities of the person and prescribe patient specific exercises to help facilitate the transition to a prosthesis. She will work on maintaining cardiovascular fitness, preparing the core muscles for stability and the hip stabilisers for power during walking. She will also work closely with the prosthetist to assist in gait training and physical activity re-integration after receiving the prosthesis.


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